Oak Meadows Healing Center

"I'm focusing on healing lives and teaching people that they can heal - giving them tools to heal."Iyanla Vanzant

Jennifer Allred is a certified Life Coach. She has been a student of life and life experiences; She willingly brings the knowledge of what she has learned to her clients through her life coach practice. 

Jennifer received her certification through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona. 

Jennifer enjoys learning and teaching. Her father, G. Hugh Allred, a well-known author, BYU professor and Psychotherapist, was her mentor and her teacher. 

Jennifer became interested in the use of essential oils to help her family, friends, an ADHD child and her mother, who is 81 years young.  Jennifer's mother has had environmental allergies for over 30 years and has not been able be treated by traditional medicines. Through her practice and expertise in holistic forms of healing, Jennifer has been able to help her mother live a richer more fulfilling life. Jennifer has also been able to get her 9 year old daughter off of all ADHD medication by using massage and essential oils. 

Jennifer has several hobbies including reading, crafting, working with animals, and photography.